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The Anonymous Lover

Jeannette | Minnesota Opera | February 2022

"Leah Brzyski seizes her opportunities to soar vocally and steal scenes as a lusty bride."

Star Tribune

The Lord of Cries

Agave | Odyssey Opera | November 2022

"...were all excellent. Even better were Leah Brzyski, Rachel Blaustein, and Felicia Gavilanes as the three sisters, eerie and prophetic in their amalgamation of Dracula's vampire women and Euripides's crazed maenads."

Boston Globe

"As the 'odd sisters,' Sopranos Leah Brzyski and Rachel Blaustein and mezzo-soprano Felicia Gavilanes sang with hypnotic tonal blend and stratospheric range. Their  collective sense of character - by turns playful, cunning, and alluring - was spot on."

Boston Classical Review

"They regularly appear, sometimes in the foreground, sometimes blended into the orchestra, to comment on the action and prod it forward. It is an effect that in lesser hands might seen gimmicky, but which he deployed so well that one looked forward to its return."

Boston Musical Intelligencer

The Lord of Cries

Agave | Santa Fe Opera | Summer 2021

"The "Three weird Sisters," attendants of Dionysus, were sung by apprentice artists Leah Brzyski, Rachel Blaustein and Megan Moore, who gave a class in ensemble singing such than no one could be judged individually. The trio span the full range of the female voice, with extreme highs and growling lows used strategically by Corigliano and sung with fierce intensity by the young artists."

Sharps and Flatirons

"Leah Bryzski, Rachel Blaustein, and Megan Moore give feverish passion and ardent voice to the three attendants."

Dallas News

"Apprentices Leah Brzyski, Rachel Blaustein and Megan Moore offered
vivid portrayals of the three sisters, Dionysus' acolytes, whose haunting, macabre appearance was perfectly matched by Corigliano's eerie vocal writing for them..."

Santa Fe New Mexican

"As "the three weird sisters," sopranos Leah Brzyski and Rachel Blaustein, and mezzo-soprano Megan Moore sang their difficult passages with admirable control and grace."

Opera Today

"Dionysus' attendants had an arresting musical signature…”

The Wall Street Journal


Briscula (world premiere)

Silvestra | Bel Cantanti Opera | March 2020

"Leah Bryski and Matthew Lulofs, who play the aforementioned Italian seaside locals Silvestra and Michele, are also standout performers, displaying stunning vocal range with emotionally resonant portrayals of everyday citizens who have been convinced to support schemes ranging from questionable to nefarious."

MD Theater Guide

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